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Welcome to the Windows Phone Streaming codplex project. This project is still under development but we would love to receive feedback from the community regarding the functionality that we’re building. The core function that we want to deliver is the ability to play streaming audio, leveraging the Background Streaming Audio agent capability of Windows Phone. This functionality is available in the solution that is currently checked in (see the Source Code tab to take a look).

Over the coming weeks we’re going to be building out the UI of the sample application and the associated documentation (current documentation is a Word document packaged along with the source) to help you jump start your streaming audio project. The core outputs for this project will be an audio streaming library and a sample application. You can either take just the streaming library and integrate that into your application, or you can take the sample application and use that as a template for creating your own audio project.

If this project is of interest but you feel it is missing features, or you have some feedback on its structure, please let us know by starting a discussion. Now is the time to contribute to this project and help us deliver the best audio streaming template for Windows Phone possible.

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